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Westminster is braced for a parliamentary week which will shape the UK's immediate and long term future as opposition MPs plot to seize control of the Commons and pass a law against a No Deal Brexit.

The 22-year-old Formula 2 driver was tragically killed on Saturday and his collision immediately stopped Hamilton mid-flow. That's terrifying.' Hubert's car bounced off the barrier coming out of Eau Rogue at high speed and moved directly into the path of Juan Manuel Correa's vehicle.Prince Harry and Meghan Markle sent out a notecard printed with one of the official family portraits (left) taken at the private Christening at Windsor Castle on 6 July.In the accompanying note (right), the royal couple said they were 'touched' by the 'overwhelming' support they had received.Several drivers were so confused by the new bus lane and a nearby road closure (bottom right) that they appear to have entered the bus lane twice meaning they could be fined £120.One furious motorist said: 'I only realised it was now a bus lane when I was actually on the road and saw the lettering on the tarmac - by then it was too late'.

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